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West Coast Bali, Balian 20th March 2011

20th March 2011

Howdy friends and thanks for taking the time out to tune into the (’99) for the most comprehensive news on today’s surfing and weather conditions from here on every sane surfers favorite surfing holiday destination of Bali. (not too mention the photos, right).

Ok ok, so like I mentioned in yesterdays “twitter reports” we had plans for today. Plans to hunt down the best waves in Bali, and that’s what we did. I had the boys up well before dawn and on the road by 4.30AM, heading for Balian up on the north west coast of the island.

Arriving just as the moon was setting and the sun rising to see head to well over head lines stacked up and clean as a whistle. The boys didn’t waste time getting out there as I had already tuned them that possibly every man and his dog will start to roll up within the hour. Around a dozen surfers were already scattered through the left and right handers, with plenty of waves for everyone. There was even quite a few waves going through unridden.

We hung around for two sessions at Balian with snacks and coffee in between at the always welcoming “Ayu’s Warung & Home stay” It wasn’t until around 10.30AM that the gloss was taken off the waves when the wind switched around to the West. By this time all the car parks were full and at least 50+ surfers in the water, game over.

Tidal info for today had us penned in for a solid 2.4mtr High @ 11.00AM and then she’ll be bottoming out around the 5.00PM mark with a reef exposing 0.2mtr’s.

Weather wise the good stuff is continuing, more blue sky and sunshine with a top temperature of at least 32 degree’s Celsius.

I’ll try and catch the dollar exchange rates for ya’s in my next up date.

Swell wise it’s not looking real good for waves tomorrow and seeing as my current guests want to head out into town tonight we might call a lay day on Monday and wait for the new swell that should be arriving on Tuesday. But I’ll still be posting the odd twitter up date so get signed up ASAP.

Good news for any of you that want to get over to the legendary location of G-Land this year as will still be dishing out a solid 15% discount off their advertised prices for the G-Land Surf Camp. All camps at G-Land will be re opening in March 2011 so if you want some un crowded G-Land get in early. Make sure you contact us first if you want that 15% rebate back in your pocket.

NEW SERVICE For baliwaves surfer(s) (1 -3 only) who want nothing but a safe and secure surfing holiday in Bali. We can now offer the complete surfing package for Bali. This includes airport transfers, accommodation, breakfast. daily surf information and transport to the best waves available (local knowledge) with your own personal surfing photographer. What more do you need for Rupiah 4,500,000. (+- US$450.00 for 1 surfer, Rupiah 4,000,000. (per surfer) for 2 surfers & Rupiah 3,750,000. (per surfer) for 3 surfers per week. Just contact us to get the REAL Bali experience !
Accommodation includes; AIR CONDITIONED room with double bed. Hot and cold water in bathroom. International cable TV, DVD player and Playstation 2. For  breakfast, your choice of egg’s, sausage, tomato on toast or banana pancakes / fruit salad + tea or coffee, plus mineral drinking water. Daily surf info and transport to the best waves on Bali (to suit) in new air conditioned car. Airport transfers to and from airport. Not to mention all the surfing photos your going to get buffed out with !!!

We’ve also been playing around with our “Surf Spots” page where we are currently up-dating with more locations, and an extra bonus of Bali street maps. So go and get yourself lost in there !

Night club danger; New’s came through to me of an Australian having the shit kicked out of him by no less than 6 security staff in a Kuta night club. Aparantly the English owners of the bar gave the order to the security staff…. Caruso’s, Cruso’s, (some name like that anyway) Bar in Kuta.

Best Regards in Surfing


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