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Surfing East Coast Bali Keramas 2011

23rd March 2011

Hi crew and a very big thank you for dropping into the (’99) for today’s 1 click run down on surfing and weather conditions here on the best value for surfing holiday dollar destination of Bali.

Before you read the surf report check out this video!


I think I told ya’s yesterday that there was a 99% chance of us scoring some bigger and better waves today, and I have to say it was a lot bigger and a lot better. I was up early way before dawn and when I stuck my head out the door at 4.00AM we had a blanket of stars over us and a light Easterly wind. But also knowing that we were in for a 0.2mtr Low tide @ 6.30AM there was no rush.

We actually hit the road for the East Coast around 8.30AM and our first stop was Padang Galak (Secrets..). Surfing conditions here were pretty ordinary with the wind having already swung to the SW. But still there were a few nice waves peeling off the left hand reef break in the head to over head range and with only 2 surfers in the water.

But my crew wasn’t that impressed and were keen to have a crack at Keramas a bit further up the coast. Our first glimpse of Keramas was showing very clean waves cranking through in the head to double head high plus plus. There were already 26 surfers in the water but the waves were super consistent.

I don’t *really know* were all the local pro’s would have been surfing but they weren’t where we were, just a couple of the local boys and the rest were basically from Japan. I also have to say that our Asian neighbors were surfing very well and by the look on there faces were having a ball. We hung out for two sessions and by 1.30PM the wind had increased out of the SSW and it was time to get back to Home Base.

Photo Below: Travel and you just may find waves like this!

Surfing Indonesia

Not sure where we are heading tomorrow but if you stay tuned to my twitter up dates you might get an idea, although it be to late to join us :)

Weather wise today it’s blue sky and pure holiday weather for the lucky bastards here in Bali.

Tidal info for today had us penned in for a 0.2mtr Low @ 6.30AM and then flooding back up for another 2.6mtr High around the 12.30PM mark.

Changing dollars to Rupiah on the streets of Kuta (Bemo Corner) — 1AU$=Rp8,660 — 1US$=Rp8,640 –

Swell forecast for this week is looking real good for the lucky buggers already here in Bali. We should see 2 to 3 new swells pretty much back to back over the next 7 days. But we can continue to expect the wind to be coming out of the W – SW quadrant for at least the best part of it.

Good news for any of you that want to get over to the legendary location of G-Land this year as will still be dishing out a solid 15% discount off their advertised prices for the G-Land Surf Camp. All camps at G-Land will be re opening in March 2011 so if you want some un crowded G-Land get in early. Make sure you contact us first if you want that 15% rebate back in your pocket.

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Accommodation includes; AIR CONDITIONED room with double bed. Hot and cold water in bathroom. International cable TV, DVD player and Playstation 2. For  breakfast, your choice of egg’s, sausage, tomato on toast or banana pancakes / fruit salad + tea or coffee, plus mineral drinking water. Daily surf info and transport to the best waves on Bali (to suit) in new air conditioned car. Airport transfers to and from airport. Not to mention all the surfing photos your going to get buffed out with !!!

We’ve also been playing around with our “Surf Spots” page where we are currently up-dating with more locations, and an extra bonus of Bali street maps. So go and get yourself lost in there !

Night club danger; New’s came through to me of an Australian having the shit kicked out of him by no less than 6 security staff in a Kuta night club. Apparantly the English owners of the bar gave the order to the security staff…. Caruso’s, Cruso’s, (some name like that anyway) Bar in Kuta.

Best Regards in Surfing


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