Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lombok Surfing

Lombok Surfing is widely known to deliver possibly some of the best surf in the world. Lombok is known for its remoteness, severe exotic climate and Malaria. Still there is something about this Island and its beauty with dramatic backdrops and jaw biting, nail chewing tube rides.

The surf and surfing in this case is often intense or just fun for the reason that there may be lots of breaks to take on and select from, inclding fun beachies r coral reef dredgers!
This Island has many bays, inlets, outer islands, reefs and small inlets and surrounding Lombok there are so many wonderful breaks that I wouldn't even want to start on the names of each surf break. Sumbawa, Lembongan, The Gillies and Bali are the most famous ones.

It seems the fact that considering that Mentawaii's are becoming so popular fewer people are charging the Southern Indonesian Island hard to get to spots, even Grajagan has come out of the spotlight on Java, and that place, well it speaks for itself.

Lombok Surfing is actually well known and many people have already been surfing Lombok for many, many years. Years back a surfer at Desert point had his arm chopped off by a machete, true. He chased a thief into the jungle which proved to be a very bad idea.

Also, surf camps here came coupled with removed because of the malaria as well as unfriendly local people. Still this doesn't cease the hard-core surfers that will still voyage here year after year. Desert point just may possibly have the longest left hand coral tube in the world.

Fortuitously nowadays there are also many other ways to holiday and surf Lombok. You might holiday in a resort, on a boat or in a Bungalow in the local tourist area of Kuta and rent a car or a motorbike. You may also contemplate finding a surf guide to take you to the best destinations on the Island which may have quality surf. Lombok is so big you just may need a person if you don't know the Island well enough.

I personally enjoy the thought of a Surfing Charter as they bring you to the best waves on the Island along at the right time. The best way? Certainly typically the actual captain is a surfer in addition to is familiar with water, swells, tides together with almost all of the waves like the back off their particular hand. This is certainly how you find the waves powerful, get loads of awesome rides, and certainly, surf together with your friends. Just what could be superior? If you like seafood there is always plenty of that too.

Regarding Lombok Surfing?

My foremost preference would be Dreamweaver Surf as they have been operating for over 7 years now and have created a great sticking with with the help of their extraordinary support and wave knowledge. If you like fishing then they recommend that you take your own fishing gear. Like this you avoid the crowds, Malaria, requiring you to hire a surf guide, catching ferries as well as scheduling a bungalow.

As mentioned above Lombok is a crazy place and will be for a very long time. Plan ahead and you might just have the best waves of your life. Don't overlook the camera, and Enjoy your Surfing Bali beyond adventure!

If you want to take a Lombok Surfing Adventure try Dreamweaver!