Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mentawai Islands, Kandui Surf Resort 18th March 2011

Kandui Surf Resort Mentawai Islands
Surf Report 18th March 2011

I had to go to Padang for the last few days to take care of some things before our
season starts in earnest on the 22nd.  You know what that means.  Yes, Rifles came
to life!  Me making plans to go to Padang is better than any website for predicting
a Rifles swell.  At any rate, the few guys that were on the island scored and got
some fun waves.  There has actually been days of swell and the boys have been
surfing Rifles, 4 Bobs, and a little Bankvaults.  I’m back on the island now and the
swell has plummeted, also very predictable, but there looks like a swell in the
forecast for the 22nd, just as our new guests arrive.

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