Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Aceh Boardriders Host Aceh Surfing Competition on March 19-20


17 March 2011, Kuta-Bali:  Billabong SEA is proud to announce their support of the Aceh Boardriders Aceh Surfing Competition Series 11 to be held at Lhoknga Beach in Banda Aceh on the 19th and 20th of March 2011.

The two-day annual event includes the surfing competition as well as beach games and a beach cleanup, with 30 local contestants having registered so far.  This is the fourth local surfing competition organized by the Aceh Boardriders since the now infamous tsunami devastated the region back in 2004.

With the recent catastrophic tsunami in Japan making headlines, the surf community in Aceh is very sympathetic and their prayers are with the people of Japan, and this event is certainly a timely tribute and form of encouragement to them all.

Billabong’s Brand Manager of SEA Peter Thew just returned from a surf trip to Aceh and was very impressed with not only the locale but the local surf community there, saying “Aceh is a beautiful place with such nice people and a great surfing community,  and after what they went through with the tsunami and all it is impressive how they have recovered so well.  We are very proud and delighted for the opportunity to help the Aceh crew with their event, and look forward to assisting in their development in the years to come.”

The Aceh Surfing Competition 11 is proudly sponsored and supported by Billabong SEA, Yudi’s Place, Sunset Café, Nurma’s Losman, Joel’s Bungalow, Edi’s Homestay, Diana Rana Bungalows, PLN, Roy Style Music and Entertainment, Bank BRI – Lhoknga branch, Bank Mustaqin, and Water Park as well as other private donors that have kindly contributed to the event.

For more information please contact Yudi Andika by phone at 08126942879 or via email at  On Facebook, look for Aceh Boardriders.

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